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Author: 30 Mar 2017

When I lost my job, it was hard to cope for me. That period was traumatizing and I needed all the companionship I could get. Naturally, I enjoy the company of men more than women for various reasons. First, I have discovered that women don’t know how to keep their mouth shut.

There was a time I was having issues with my boyfriend and needed someone to confide in. you know that feeling when you just want to bare your heart at someone to get relief. I called up my girlfriend. We have been friends since childhood and I believed I could count on her. She came around like I requested and by the next day, all my other friends knew the details of my rift with my boyfriend. I was so irritated and for days I couldn’t get myself to go out in the open because I wasn’t sure of who knew my story and who didn’t.

Men on the other hand rarely spill secrets when you share with them. They are also more sympathetic and would go to any length to get you back up when you are down. However, if you are very close to a guy and keep divulging your secret to them, there will come day when they will use that secret against you. I needed to find an alternative. It was during my search for a suitable alternative that I discovered male companionship; a group of guys who are professionals in providing companionship for a certain amount.

With male companions, you will not have to worry about who hears your secret and your secret been used against you. None of those will happen because these guys are professionals and act by certain unwritten codes. The best part of the whole thing is that most times, you may only get to meet them ones in your life time (unless you repeat hire them). They also don’t know your friends or anything about you so who could they possibly tell even if they want to?

I lost my dad recently. When the news got to me, I hit my lowest low. I was so devastated that I needed a companion to caress me, hold me tight and talk me back to life. The last experience I had with my bestie ruled her off. There was no way I would ever invite her over for companionship especially when I am down because I say lots of rubbish at such moments – rubbish that is meant to stay with me.

I was in dire need of male companionship and I knew just how to get one. All it took me was to log onto one of my favorite male companionship providers and hire one. His arrival was eagerly anticipated. The moment I opened the door for him, I flung myself into his arms and wept uncontrollably. I said a lot of things I cannot remember but I remember him trying to calm me down. He was really affectionate and was not afraid to pour it all on me.

After an hour or so, he had erased all the pain in my heart and replaced it with a longing for the moment we are sharing never to end. It was that kind of feeling that cannot be explained with words. That kind of feeling you will only understand if you are the one feeling it. by the time he was leaving, I had not a single pain left in my heart for the death of my father, rather, a gratitude and more reason to live on.

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